Dr. Ayman Salah Moussa

Urology Fellow, Cleveland Clinic Foundation, Cleveland Clinic.

Lecturer of Urology, Beni-Suef University.

Consultant of Urology, King Fhad Unit, Cairo University.


Dr Ayman S. Moussa MD, from Cairo Egypt, obtained his medical degree from the Cairo University, Egypt in 1999. He joined Urology department in September 2001, where he finished his residency in general and pediatric urology.


After finishing his Masters Degree in 2003, Dr Moussa was appointed as Assistant lecturer of urology in Cairo University. In 2007 Dr Moussa joined the urology department in Cleveland Clinic Foundation; Under the Supervision of Prof J. Steve Jones, until 2009 as he finished his fellowship.


Dr Moussa has gained wide range of experience in the field of Prostate cancer diagnosis, Screening programs, Nomograms, Trans-rectal ultra-sound of the prostate and biopsy. He has more than 30 international publications in this field of prostate biopsy. He is one of the editors of    " Prostate Cancer Diagnosis: PSA, Biopsy and Beyond ", Publisher: Springer-Verlag New York, LLC, 2013.


In 2010, Dr Moussa was appointed as Lecturer of urology, Beni-Suef University, urology department, after obtaining his MD; with the thesis title "Using a Saturation biopsy technique to determine the optimum biopsy strategy in the diagnosis of prostate cancer ".