Dr. Mahmoud Abdelhakim MD.

Founder of ProstaCare, 

Lecturer of Urology Cairo University,

Fellow of the European Board of Urology FEBU.



Dr Mahmoud Abdel Hakim MD,FEBU., from Cairo Egypt, obtained his medical degree from the Cairo University, Egypt in 2001. He joined Urology department in September 2002, where he finished his residency in general and pediatric urology and specialized in Laparoscopic surgery.


After finishing his Masters Degree in 2004, Dr Abdelhakim was appointed as Assistant lecturer of urology in Cairo University. In 2007 Dr Abdelhakim joned the urology department in Hopital Henri Mondor, Creteil Fr. Under the Supervision of Prof CC. Abbou he completed Clinical fellowship in laparoscopy.


Dr Mahmoud Abdelhakim recieved his Laser Prostatectomy training at Alshorouk Hospital, being the first private practice in the MENA region to accuire the Luminis Laser Suite. Dr Mahmoud now has experience with over 500 cases of Holep, with prostate sizes reaching over 200 g.


In 2010, Dr AbdelHakim was appointed as Lecturer of urology Cairo University urology department, after obtaining his MD, with the thesis title "Posterior Reconstruction Of Rhabdosphincter for Rapid recovery of continence after Laparoscopic radical Prostatectomy".

Dr Mahmoud Abdelhakim is currently a Lecturer of urology at the urology reconstruction unit, Cairo university, as well as Assistant Director of urology department at Alshorouk Hospital.


Curreculum Vitae

"Specialization is the key to excellence"


“The ideal of an “all-round” education is out of date; it has been destroyed by the

progress of knowledge.”


“Specialization, concentration and consistency is the key to outstanding performance... Love your zone!”